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Some Words About us

Nhaka Foundation was established in 2007 (see "Our History'') as a means to provide support to many children who were living in difficult circumstances in Zimbabwe.

Our response is motivated by our Founder's Christian upbringing and firm belief in the word and power of God. We feel everyone has a role to play in reaching out to the littlest and most vulnerable members of society. In so doing we should demonstrate a servant attitude and impact our communities by being the change we wish to see in the world....

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Nhaka Foundation recognizes the following:

✓  All children are right bearers, they are entitled to the right education, access to health and birth registration among other rights that the nation has a responsibility to deliver

✓ Early Childhood Development is one of the most neglected areas in Zimbabwe

✓ Education empowers people, strengthens democracies, economies and enables people to protect themselves and their families from HIV and illness, Nhaka Foundation is committed to start with the early years

✓ Early Childhood Development provides a sound basis for children to have increased chances to succeed in school, more likely to get better paying jobs and removes the perpetuation of poverty.


Find Us Here


24 Van Praagh Avenue,
Milton Park

+263 779 778 522