Who are we?

Nhaka Foundation is a Zimbabwe-based non-governmental organization which has developed and implemented a series of interventions designed to bridge the gap between the government’s capabilities and policies mandating the requirement for early childhood development (ECD) programming in primary schools and its ability to fully realize the implementation of such programs. Nhaka Foundation works to increase access to education for orphans, vulnerable children and those living with disabilities to ensure that all children have access to equal opportunities

What do we do?

Along with its partners, Nhaka Foundation provides access to education, early childhood development (ECD) basic health care, mainstreaming disability/inclusion programming and daily sustenance for the orphaned and vulnerable children in the communities it serves. It provides support to ensure the creation of a physical environment conducive to learning, growth and the optimal development of all children. Nhaka Foundation through its programs ensures a holistic approach to child and community development.

Why are we the best?

Nhaka Foundation is recognized nationally as a leading organization driving the country’s ECD agenda forward. Nhaka Foundation has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education in Zimbabwe which allows it to implement education and early childhood development (ECD) programs across all the 10 Provinces of Zimbabwe. In addition to its established programs, it has championed the formation of a national network that brings together ECD actors to influence policy and practice for ECD nationwide.


To educate, feed, and improve the health of orphans and vulnerable children of Zimbabwe.


A nation with young children living a life full of possibilities.


Guided by our commitment to inclusion, participation, excellence and transparency, we applaud diversity, promote volunteerism and community engagement, embrace continuous improvement and demand a culture of teamwork and collaboration.