Early Childhood Development & Primary Schools

Nhaka Foundation partners with rural area primary schools and the parents and caregivers to create Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centers through the renovation of dilapidated classrooms. The classroom floors, windows, doors and roofs are repaired or replaced, and a fresh coat of paint is applied inside and out. Each Center has its own unique personality as the exteriors are then finished with hand-painted, age-appropriate drawings by local artists.

As a part of the renovations program team Nhaka works with the families and members of the community to plan and build, expand or repair the playgrounds and equipment using readily available and safe materials.

Once restored to a like-new condition, the Centers are officially incorporated into the primary school system and sustained by the community through elected Pre-School Management Committees thus ensuring the children will continue to have clean and safe spaces in which to work and play.


With the support of school and community leaders Nhaka Foundation facilitates meetings with the parents and caregivers of children enrolled in the ECD Centers it serves. The meetings are designed to educate, support and engage stakeholders in finding solutions to building a better future for the children. Heavy emphasis is placed on building capacity and instilling a sense of community ownership and responsibility.

The meetings cover various topics to include the importance of birth registration, immunizations, health record maintenance, HIV/AIDS education and screenings, early childhood development enrollment as well as parental involvement in the education of children.

Nhaka’s parenting education initiative strives to provide caregivers with the information and tools needed to better look after the children in their communities and also makes available a platform for voicing concerns and obtaining support from the school, the community, and the government.


Nhaka Foundation works with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MoPSE) to facilitate the on-going training and development of the ECD teachers working in the Centers its serves. On a rotating basis, team Nhaka members accompany District Trainers to the field to monitor and evaluate teacher performance.

Each teacher is observed at work, given an opportunity to ask questions and express concerns, and provided feedback for improvement. Following the classroom observations, the trainers craft and submit written reports that are shared with MoSPE and Nhaka Foundation.

The program aims to support all stakeholders by providing the teachers with increased skills and tools and at the same time promote a cooperative environment to share information and resources, one that will result in a quality education for, and meet the developmental needs of, the children.