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In response to the needs of the rural communities and the children it serves, Nhaka Foundation developed an in-school feeding program to address one of the biggest challenges faced each day in, and out, of the classroom-hunger. A great many children come to school with empty stomachs making it impossible for them to concentrate or fully participate in classroom and outdoor activities.

While Nhaka’s work is focused on children enrolled in ECD Centers, it simply could not ignore the remaining primary school students as the concern is pervasive. Thus, the program provides sustenance once each day in the form of a protein drink for all of the students in all of the primary schools it serves.

Presently, the program feeds of over 5,000 children a day across seven primary schools in collaboration with the schools and communities; food preparation and service is managed on-site by community volunteers while team Nhaka manages the logistics, training and program oversight.


Nhaka Foundation partners with the Ministry of Health and Child Care, District Medical Offices and local health clinic practitioners to facilitate health assessments of the children enrolled in the ECD Centers it serves. On a rotating basis, team Nhaka members accompany nurses from the rural health clinics to each school to evaluate the most basic and immediate health concerns facing the children.

The assessments capture baseline information on height, weight, heart rate, immunizations, and personal hygiene as well as screen for common conditions such as ringworms, scabies, skin infections and cavities.

The program is designed as a starting point to address basic medical conditions and to educate parents, caregivers and the communities on infant and child health care issues and preventions.


In conjunction with partners, Nhaka Foundation provides the adolescent children at the schools it serves with life skills for growth and development.

Through the program activites which are inclusive of children with disabilities, Nhaka Foundation is helping to break stigma and ensure that all children have a healthy, happy life.

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