Patrick Makokoro (PhD)

Dr. Patrick Makokoro has extensive experience working with community development and relief projects, working in partnership with both local and international non-governmental organizations. He is a dedicated child rights activist and passionate about social justice issues around the world. His experience working with children at an orphanage led him to establish the Nhaka Foundation, a charitable organization that provides education, meals, health care, counseling, and other essential services to orphaned and vulnerable children throughout Zimbabwe. In 2012, he founded the Zimbabwe Network of Early Childhood Development Actors (ZINECDA), a national umbrella organization for Early Childhood Development. Patrick Makokoro is a Founding member of the African Early Childhood Network which works to champion the developmental needs of young children in Africa. He was a country liaison for Washington D.C based Childhood Education International (CEI) from 2016 to 2019 and served as their Consultant Regional Director for Africa in 2020.

Dr. Patrick Makokoro is an alumni of the Mandela Washington Fellowship (YALI 2017) and serves as a Board Member of the World Forum Foundation (US),Nhaka Foundation and ZINECDA among other organizations.  He has a PhD in Educational Studies from the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He also holds an MSc in Development Studies, a BA in Community Development, and a Post Graduate Diploma in International Youth and Child Care from the University of Victoria.