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As we started off another year with the pandemic still going strong, we knew 2021 would require more creativity, strength, and togetherness to overcome our challenging reality.  In Zimbabwe, schools and businesses are still closed, leaving children and families at home once again.  Although this adds another level of difficulty to everyday adversity, we at Nhaka Foundation are determined to work together to lessen burdens.  Our current situation makes ubuntu not just a kind, daily practice but truly essential for survival.  By relying on one another and helping our neighbors in need, sharing what we have been given, we are able to see entire communities advance and overcome. Thanks to generous monthly supporters and donations, modifications were able to be made to the food packs children in our PSS program currently receive, making them more nutritious and long-lasting.  These students are now enjoying protein-rich meals for five days, ensuring a greater sense of food security until school is back in session. 

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