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As a 501(c)3 non-profit, we rely primarily on individual/family-level support and corporate partnerships. With your generous contributions, we can make a real and tangible difference through our programs. Your donation will be processed via a SECURE site and a receipt will be sent to you via e-mail for your tax deductible support. Thank you for supporting Nhaka Foundation.


Anyone with the desire to see Nhaka Foundation thrive and effectively reach more children can become an advocate through virtual partnership. This is a great opportunity to support Nhaka’s programs from all over the world! Becoming an advocate is quite simple: first, engage in Nhaka’s online community to receive information, inspiration, and support from team Nhaka through virtual meetings, social media posts, and blog articles where current needs and projects are discussed. Next, brainstorm and create a unique project to raise funds on behalf of a Nhaka program you feel passionate about. This could look like many different things, varying from a bake sale to fund a school’s nutrition garden, to a 5-K run to dig a well, to an online giving campaign to build a new classroom block.

Team Nhaka will provide guidance every step of the way, working with aspiring advocates to establish reasonable funding, create timeline targets, and supply project promotion ideas. Following project launch, team Nhaka will provide continued support by monitoring the project progress and providing feedback to aid advocates in meeting established goals. Participants will also receive updates from Nhaka staff on the ground regarding the impact of the funds they raised and the projects able to be completed as a result.

Advocates are valuable friends of Nhaka Foundation; their efforts will be acknowledged and highlighted on the organization’s website and recorded in Nhaka Foundation’s Annual Report. By becoming advocates for Nhaka Foundation’s mission and raising the necessary funds to continue its programs, individuals will be able to create a life-changing impact in the lives of students!

A concrete help for a better and kind world

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The Sponsorship project was created to connect individuals from around the world that have a passion for children with one of the many vulnerable children living poor and under resourced communities.

Sponsors will be provided a photo and background information on a few children ages 3-12 that have been identified by team Nhaka as having the greatest need. Sponsors will then select a child to support for one school year by covering the cost of school fees, school uniforms, a backpack, books and supplies. In turn, the sponsor will be provided a year-end report of the student’s progress and, if possible, contact information to make a personal connection with the child’s family.