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Meet our Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant – CLEMENTINE

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Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve had a passion for numbers which explains my attainment of a degree in Applied Statistics.  Fast forward to now, I work as a Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant at Nhaka Foundation. I have been privileged to be part of the Monitoring and Evaluation team that aims to provide a better tomorrow for children through establishing a results based monitoring and evaluation system which has a systematic and routine collection of data during project implementation for the purpose of establishing whether an intervention is moving towards the set objectives or project goals for the benefit of the children. 

Monitoring is the collection and analysis of information about a project or programme, undertaken while the project or programme, is ongoing, and evaluation is the periodic, retrospective assessment of a project or programme. 

I believe in the power of numbers, and I keep my passion in action. With my love for numbers and Monitoring and Evaluation expertise I intend to analyse the quantitative and qualitative data collected through the M&E activities to plan for improvements, evaluate information to support decision making, and sustain the M&E system. Reporting on the projects will be carried out to ensure that the projects are meeting set targets and objectives. 

Monitoring and evaluation is the backbone of any project or programme. With Monitoring and Evaluation, we can now quantify the impact of a project for the development of children and ensure the project contributes to quality, holistic and lifelong Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) for children between 0 and 8 years of age in underprivileged rural areas in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

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AdministratorMeet our Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant – CLEMENTINE