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Hello Friends!

Welcome to the unveiling of our new website. We’ve made a lot of changes to the look, feel and content that we hope will keep you engaged and interested in the work we are doing in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe has over one million orphans, many of which go hungry or without decent meals, lack access to education and struggle to obtain the basic necessities to survive let alone thrive. Over the past fifteen years the country has suffered a massive economic meltdown which has left a devastating impact on our families and communities. Ninety percent of the population is unemployed leaving them at a loss to take care of themselves or their children.

At Nhaka Foundation we partner with all stakeholders to include parents, grandparents, community members, community leaders, school administrators, educators and the government to create sustainable solutions that will lift the children out of the vicious cycle of poverty in which they have been born. Through community conversations we work to understand the issues and needs and to identify solutions that will ensure the children have a brighter future.

Our new website provides a perfect opportunity for you to support us as you wish or as you can while we carry out this work. With a focus on channeling resources towards education and development, we know the world can become a better place for these children, one that holds endless possibilities.

Through a partnership with the GivenGain Foundation we have established a number of projects that will support our program goals and the needs of the children. As a friend of Nhaka Foundation we encourage you to take part in our work as a donor, an activist, a sponsor or a volunteer. As you explore our new site be sure to visit the “Get Involved” page to learn more about how you can contribute.

In Africa we say, “It takes a village to raise a child,” yet in this economic climate it truly takes a village of global proportions to raise a child! Please join us in our quest to ensure the vulnerable children of Zimbabwe are able to live a life full of possibilities!

Best wishes,


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