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PRESS RELEASE: Nhaka Foundation to Hand Over New Classroom Block to Chitakatira Primary School, Mutare

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Nhaka Foundation is a Zimbabwe-based non-governmental organization which has developed and implemented a series of interventions designed to increase access to education opportunities for young children. Along with its partners, Nhaka Foundation provides access to education, basic health care and daily sustenance for the orphaned and vulnerable children in the communities it serves. Nhaka Foundation provides support to ensure the creation of a physical environment conducive to learning, growth and the optimal development of all children.

With funding from the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in partnership with Terre des Hommes Germany, Nhaka Foundation has been working on a project designed to enhance access to quality education facilities, health service provision and daily meals to ensure that children living in disadvantaged communities make it to school each day.

Nhaka Foundation, BMZ, TDH Germany and their community based partners will be officially handing over to the School and Community leaders a brand new completed 2 classroom blocks constructed for the early childhood development classes at Chitakatira Primary School situated in the Chitakatira community of Mutare South District of Manicaland Province on the 2nd of March 2020. These classrooms have also been kitted out with brand new tables and chairs. This project will decongest the ECD centre at this school that has had to fit over 360 children into just two classrooms. With four classes now, children will be in a better learning environment.

In addition to the classrooms, a brand new block of toilets with 12 holes, 1 urinary, 2 toilets specially built for the physically challenged learners, and an outdoors play center. Other ongoing projects that are being supported by Nhaka Foundation include nutrition gardening and fish farming. Nhaka Foundation continues to foster community leadership through Health Assessments, Parenting Education and Teacher Training workshops including Conflict Resolution and Team building at community level.

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AdministratorPRESS RELEASE: Nhaka Foundation to Hand Over New Classroom Block to Chitakatira Primary School, Mutare