Social Entrepreneurship

Nhaka Foundation

Established by Dr. Patrick Makokoro in 2008, the Nhaka Foundation is a non-governmental organization which has developed and implemented a series of interventions designed to bridge the gap between the capabilities and policies mandating the requirement for early childhood development programming in Africa. Nhaka Foundation actively seeks to support countries to to fully realize the implementation of such programs through innovative approaches that increase access to education for children. Currently operating in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), Zimbabwe and with a base in the US, Nhaka Foundation is working to address the challenges faced by children in Africa.

Along with its partners, Nhaka Foundation provides access to education, basic health care and daily sustenance for the orphaned and vulnerable children in the communities it serves. It provides aid and support to ensure the creation of a physical environment conducive to learning, growth and the optimal development of all children. Nhaka Foundation is recognized nationally as a leading organization driving the country’s ECD agenda forward and has a capable Team that carries out the day to day administrative and program functions of the organization. Contact the Nhaka Team for partnership opportunities and check out some more information on their website.


Zimbabwe Network for Early Childhood Development (ZINECDA) was founded by Dr. Patrick Makokoro in 2012 as part of an advocacy project for the World Forum Foundation. The Zimbabwe Network of Early Childhood Actors (ZINECDA) has grown to be a national umbrella body working in partnership to influence policies, programmes and practice related to Early Childhood Development (ECD) in Zimbabwe, Africa. The recognition of inequality in accessing Early Childhood Development information, absence of standardized professional services, lack of or poor infrastructure and inadequate nutritional and learning materials within this sector was instrumental in the establishment of the organization.

African Early Childhood Network

Along with a small group of colleagues representing various African countries, Dr. Patrick Makokoro co-founded the African Early Childhood Network headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. This early childhood development network works to champion the developmental needs of young children in Africa. The driving influence towards establishing the network was the concurrence amongst the colleagues at that time that it was important to have a platform that brings together civic society professionals, academia and funders to support the Early Childhood Development sector on the African continent. Following initial meetings in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2014, Dr. Makokoro and colleagues began the journey of developing this network which has now grown to support national early childhood development networks across Africa. Contact the AfECN Secretariat for more information about the growing work in Africa and be sure to check out the website.

International Development Consultant

Dr. Patrick Makokoro has practiced as a development consultant with interests in community development, social justice, early childhood education, child protection, advocacy and government relations. He is an experienced designer of strategies to promote social justice in rapidly shifting contexts and in utilising a lens of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. The work he has carried out ranges from early learning sector advocacy network establishment in Detroit, USA, providing strength based strategies to schools and businesses in British Columbia, Canada and providing extensive consulting support to international non-profits working in Africa. Connect with Dr. Patrick Makokoro for conversations on developmental issues in Africa and around the world.

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