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Promoting cultural exchanges and learning

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We are really excited to be at the centre of partnerships that promote cultural exchanges, learning and growth. Here with our partners from 2SecondsOrLess working to implement a sustainable school feeding garden. This is part of the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education’s thrust of ensuring homegrown sustainable feeding solutions. This March we have just been hosting a team from our friends from 2 Seconds Or Less who have partnered with us to establish school nutrition gardens.

These gardens are going to be used to complement the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education efforts towards implementing a sustainable homegrown feeding solution whereby the government provides the grain to cook our staple food which is known as “sadza” and the communities have to supply the relish or vegetables. Due to various factors the communities have all not been able to supply the vegetables and thus our working with partners so that community gardens are developed leading to endless supply of vegetables to the school.


AdministratorPromoting cultural exchanges and learning
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