Dr. Patrick Makokoro >>

Board President

Dr. Patrick Makokoro founded Nhaka Foundation in 2007 in response to the call of God on his life; he has committed himself to ensuring the lives of vulnerable children are meaningfully transformed and that communities in which they live are strengthened in response to their growing needs. He has over eighteen years experience in community-based development and relief project planning working with local and international Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) in Zimbabwe, the sub-Saharan Africa region and globally. Dr. Patrick Makokoro also founded the Zimbabwe Network of Early Childhood Development Actors, is a founding member of the Africa Early Childhood Network and also serves on local and international boards of non-profit organizations. He holds a PhD in Educational Studies, an MSc in Development Studies, BA in Social and Human Studies, Post Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Development, Diploma in Project Planning and Management among other qualifications.