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Transitioning from Early Childhood Development to Formal Education

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Since October 2016, Nhaka Foundation in partnership with the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) has been implementing a pilot project to improve the transition of children from the early childhood development program into primary school. The project is called Transition of Early Learners into Formal Education (TELFE) and is aimed at educating teachers and parents on the importance of access to Early Childhood Development (ECD) program and transition of learners through teacher trainings and parenting meetings. During the project ECD and Infant school teachers have been receiving training on methods that promote retention and facilitate smooth transition for children into infant education. Through this project children have been able to access services such as health screenings, nutritional wellbeing as well as child protection.

In addition, coordination, collaboration and networking has been enhanced among partners at district and community level. The project is being carried out in 30 primary schools in the Marondera and Goromonzi districts. The project is building the capacity of primary school teachers and reaching approximately 7,200 children attending early childhood development classes up to grade 3 of primary school education. Most importantly, the project is expected to reduce the dropout rates of children attending primary school in the designated districts. This will offer children from poor and hard to reach families in rural areas of the country with equal rights to education.

Under the Transition of Early Learners into Formal Education (TELFE) project and working with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education  (MoPSE) district ECD and education officers we conducted three trainings for the ECD teachers, teachers-in-charge (T.I.C) and grades one to three teachers from the thirty schools identified for the TELFE project in the Goromonzi and Marondera districts in May. The trainings were well attended with a lot of teachers expressing their appreciation on the course content and its relevancy. A total of 17 schools received teacher trainings and 87 teachers participated in these trainings including T.I.Cs.



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