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UBUNTU – I Am Because We Are

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We are all bound together in ways that can be invisible to the eye; that there is a oneness to humanity; that we achieve ourselves by sharing ourselves with others, and caring for those around us, – Barack Obama


Many would want to quickly forget 2020 for so many reasons. I am one of those who want to quickly forget the turbulence that was in 2020 and embrace the new possibilities that come with a new year. At Nhaka Foundation, we know the impact community support can have on the future of a child. By rallying behind students, championing them to reach their full potential through mentorship, opportunities for growth, and resources for success, we have seen how far a little encouragement can go. In turn, students are becoming leaders and setting an example for their families and peers, creating positive change across generational ines. In 2021, we want to get into the new year with a celebration of the children, families and communities. To do that, I am digging into a concept that is celebrated not only in Zimbabwe and in the southern part of Africa but also around the world.


AdministratorUBUNTU – I Am Because We Are